Retinophotography / Angiofluorography

Digital retinophotography (RF)

Is an investigation providing images of the eye fundus (real time photos) and details on the retina vascular net, the optic nerve, the choroidal structure or the optic fibres and the foveolar area.

Angiofluorography (AFG)

Functional ophthalmologic investigation to visualize the choroidae and retinian vessels, as well as the lesions of the eye fundus, after the I.V. injection with a fluorescent substance. As a result dozens of images enable the evaluation of the (normal or pathologic) function of the eye fundus structure.

RF and AFG are important in the diagnosis, the evolution and the treatment of severe retina diseases, with visual function loss risk, such as:

  • Age Macular Degenerescence wet form (AMD wet form)
  • diabetic retinopathy
  • retinal vascular diseases etc.
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