Optometry/ Neuro Ophthalmology / Biomicroscopy

Optometry, photography of the anterior pole

Anterior and posterior pole biomicroscopy

  • By means of a specialized ophtalmological microscope, the direct evaluation of the anterior pole structures becomes possible: corneal structure, anterior chamber, iris, crystalline, method known as "anterior pole biomicroscopy".
  • Special lenses allow the biomicroscopic examination of the chamber angle (Gonioscopy) and the biomicroscopy the posterior pole also (retina, optic nerve, vitreous).
    At the same time, by attaching a digital photo device, the Haag Streit Digital Slit Lamp BX 900 system was created, for the photography of the anterior chamber pole and the exact pathology documentation.

We also offer our patients:

  • refraction vice correction: optometry
  • neuro ophthalmology investigations
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